Book List

Magic's Pawn (the Last Herald-Mage Series, Book 1)

Magic's Promise (the Last Herald-Mage Series, Book 2)

Magic's Price (the Last Herald-Mage Series, Book 3)

Exile's Honor (Daw Book Collectors, No. 1235)

Exile's Valor (Valdemar Novels)

Take a Thief: a Novel of Valdemar

Sun in Glory (a Valdemar Anthology)

Storm Warning (the Mage Storms, Book 1)

Storm Rising (Mage Storms)

Storm Breaking (the Mage Storms, Book 3)

Queen's Own: Arrows Of The Queen ; Arrow's Flight ; Arrow's Fall (Heralds Of Valdemar)

The Outstretched Shadow: the Obsidian Trilogy: Book One (Obsidian Chronicles)

To Light a Candle (the Obsidian Trilogy, Book 2)

When Darkness Falls (the Obsidian Trilogy, Book 3)

The Earthsea Trilogy

Forgotten Realms: Dissolution (R.A. Salvatore's War Of The Spider Queen, Book 1)

The Fair Folk

Swords' Masters (Swords Against Wizardry; the Swords of Lankhmar; Swords And Ice Magic)

The Knight And Knave of Swords: the Climax of the Fafhrd And Gray Mouser Epic

The Three of Swords: Three Title Omnibus

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