Book List

The White Mare: the Dalraida Trilogy, Book One (Dalriada Trilogy)

The Boar Stone (Dalriada Trilogy 3)

The Dawn Stag (the Dalriada Trilogy, Book 2)

Mistress of Dragons

The Dragon's Son (Dragonvarld Trilogy, Book 2)

Amber And Ashes (Dragonlance: the Dark Disciple)

Dragons of a Fallen Sun (Dragonlance: the War of Souls, Volume I)

Dragons of a Lost Star (Dragonlance: the War of Souls, Volume II)

Dragons of a Vanished Moon (Dragonlance: the War of Souls, Book 3)

Well of Darkness (Sovereign Stone Trilogy, Vol 1)

Guardians of the Lost (Sovereign Stone Trilogy, Book 2)

Journey Into the Void (Sovereign Stone Trilogy, Book 3)

The Annotated Chronicles (Dragonlance: Dragonlance Chronicles)

The Annotated Legends (Dragonlance: Dragonlance Chronicles)

The War of the Flowers

Shadowmarch (Daw Book Collectors)


Shadowmarch (Daw Book Collectors)

Lakota (Native American Wisdom)

Navajo: Walking in Beauty (Native American Wisdom)

Hopi: Native American Wisdom Series: Following the Path of Peace (Native American Wisdom)

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

The Chrestomanci Quartet

The Tough Guide To Fantasyland, the Essential Guide To Fantasy Travel

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